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Furuno VR-5000 VDR

Avatec Marine has been approved by most major Classification Societies to perform APT (Annual Performance Testing) on , systems.
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Avatec Marine has been conducting radio surveys for many years on behalf of the major Classification Societies of worldwide. It is important that the emergency and safety equipment is inspected and in good condition so that the end user can trust the equipment in the event of an accident.

All our radio technicians have GOC (General Operator Certificate), which means they are familiar with repairing and testing radio equipment to be checked during radio surveys. In addition, radio technicians have all attended courses on the rules that constitute the background of radio surveys.

We also maintain close contact with classification societies, so we always receive new rules that may affect the performance of radio surveys. In order to ensure the quality and traceability of the work performed, all the instruments used by our t4echnicians are continuously calibrated and checked by an independent testing laboratory.




    Download “Furuno VR-5000 VDR Brochure”

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    Removable Hard Disk FR-MDK1
    Battery VR-5015
    Acoustic beacon VR-5011
    Mother Board PBP-14C
    Power Supply Unit ORION-300DX/24
    Processor Board ROBO-678
    256 MB RAM Board 256MB PC133
    Adapter Board CFDISK.IB
    LED Control Board PCI-1284
    Audio Analog Board PCI-9111DG
    Analog IF Board PCI-9111HR
    Digital IF board PCI-7396
    FG (Frame Grabber) Board FAST FRAME 1300
    RS-422 IF Board PCI-422
    DRU IF Board (IEEE 1394 adapter) IOI-1394LPA
    Fan AD0812HB-A70GL
    Fan AD1212HB-A71GL
    Removable hard disk VR-5014
    PDU Board 2000016
    AC/DC converter AC/DC converter
    LED Board 2000009
    Breaker III-FII2-PIMI-16A
    Breaker III-FII2-PIMI-3A
    JB MAIN Board 2000018
    JB SUB Board 2000019
    Photocoupler assy SFH6286-2
    Relay HRS2H-S-DC24V
    Flash Disk SLFLD25-8GM1U1
    Flash Disk DK0090G88TNO
    Mounting Base VR-5022