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Sal Navigation SVF-200 VDR

Avatec Marine has been approved by most major Classification Societies to perform APT (Annual Performance Testing) on , systems.
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Consilium F2 VDR is a well established company within the marine industry, with a long experience from developing innovative and high quality products, such as the Sal Navigation VDR. When choosing a Consilium product you will get a type approved product together with a life time commitment from an advisory partner, providing first class support and excellent service.

According to regulations, the VDR’s main purpose is to secure evidence in case of an accident. We agree. But we want to take it a few steps further. As we strongly believe that the recorded VDR data also has a great value for other matters, Sal Navigation SVF-200 is designed not only to secure evidence, but also to learn from incidents and optimize functionality.

With Consilium’ s service agreement ConServ, the shipowner can predict and ensure a lower service and maintenance costs. Consilium monitors and ensures that all systems have a healthy status. The vessel sends short status reports periodically to the Consilium server and the Consilium remote maintenance system analyzes the reports and updates the overview table. If a problem is identified, an engineer can easily access the onboard system remotely, for a deeper analyze to proactively suggest how to rectify the problem at minimum efforts.

The recorded data in the Sal Navigation SVF-200 is easily retrieved from the unit’s storage devices and can be used for many types of analyzing, for instance after incidents and accidents. With remote playback (optional) the data can be downloaded and viewed directly from the office via any Internet connection. If required, an onboard wireless live connection to the VDR can be used as an additional source of centralized information for the crew.


    Download “Consilium F2 VDR - Brochure”

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    SVS-200 Main Unit80.31.09
    Audio Mixer Unit80.31.02
    Remote Control Unit80.32.01
    Fixed Capsule PROCAP 32GB80.35.01
    Float free Capsule Tron 40 VDR80.35.02
    Float free Capsule
    with heater
    Video Grabber Unit VGU
    Video Grabber Unit 280.31.04
    Signal converter80.31.05
    Analogue Module 2ch80.31.06
    Digital Module 8ch80.31.08
    Power Distribution 24V80.31.08